Your goals are within reach

  • Gain new skills

    Gain in-demand skills that will enable you to add to your current service offerings or increase your value to prospective employers.

  • Train your technicians

    Reinforce your in-house training with courses available on demand! Additional resources, and instructor support make it even better.

  • Grow a strong business

    Valuable training and resources for entrepreneurs. Be inspired with new ideas and insider info from seasoned experts.

What is eLearning?

Courses you can take at your convenience, on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

With today's technologies, there’s so much you can learn right at your fingertips. Plus, our interface is super easy to use and lets you keep track of chapters and courses you have completed, and circle back as needed. Most courses offers rich resources you can download as well. 

Student taking an eLearning course at his computer

Supplement your eLearning with hands-on training

Did you know that you can schedule time at our facility to gain hands-on experience in a fully equipped and supported environment to supplement what you learned in your online courses?

Our facility is equipped with floor machines, hand machines, diamonds, and supplies as well as floors, countertops and walls available for your use to put into practice what you learned in your on-line courses.

Gain confidence in your craft with hands-on instructor supported lab experience. Call us to schedule a day or two. 

Hands-on support


Get to know your instructors

You will learn from seasoned industry experts, names you probably already know, such as Fred Hueston, Doug and Deborah Nelson, John Freitag, and others, as well as business, legal, and marketing specialists who provide dedicated service and support to those in the surface care business.


Continuing Education is a Game Changer

Staying on top of your game is the number one pillar of success. Here what people tell us how their continuing education has changed their lives.

"This course built my confidence to jump on floor restoration ASAP! Thank you". 

-Kevin Perez, SC

"I have been able to implement so many of the incredible ideas I got from taking the marketing courses and my business is now thriving because of it. I would recommend to anyone (except my competitors!). I am looking forward to taking more courses. Love that I can do it right from my computer."

-- Joe, Tampa FL

"Fred, Cannot say Thank You enough for your encouragement to attend this class and the time and effort you put forth to put it all together! The class was Super Informative and delivered in plain terms and easy to understand examples and it was especially interesting interacting with others in the class. Fantastic job and now it's time to start putting this knowledge to work. Thank you again!!"

--Jesse Franklin, Austin TX